Monday, January 11, 2016

Utah Trip

We were finally finished with Annie, so we planned a trip to visit the Earl's family.  As usual, it was an amazing and exhausting vacation.  We were there for nearly a week and Jeff was more than ready for us to come home.  (At least for a couple of days)  We left on Tuesday July 23rd around noon.  We got our Dishnetwork reinstalled, so I had to wait until the tech finished doing it before we could leave.  We got to Orem around 4:00 and then went to a splash pad.  The kids had a blast shooting plastic cups like rockets and making balloons float.   
Wednesday KK and I shopped then we took the kids to Classic Skating Fun Center.  We bought summer passes in the spring and we anxious to use them.  The passes were only $10.  It's a steal of a deal.  We were there for hours.  The kids play in the bounce houses, skate, roller blade, and play arcade games.  Then we took the kids to another splash pad and then home to do some fireworks.  It was a holiday in Utah (Pioneer day) so lots of things were closed and lots of places were crowded.
Thursday was a great day.  We spent the day in Salt Lake at "This is the Place Heritage Park".  It was awesome!!  KaeLynn's family has a season pass and she was able to get me in free and then I only paid $7 each for Lisa and Lexi.  There were so many things to see and learn about.  They have monuments dedicated to Brigham Young and the pioneer journey west.  There are old cabins, a farm home that belonged to Brigham Young, barber shop, and so many other things.  I took a lot of pictures and I will try my best to journal all that we saw and did.  The park opened at 9.  We got there at 9:45 and closed the park at 5:00.
KK trying to stay hydrated while we rode the train from site to site

This is one of the kid's favorite activities.  They thought it was cool to do laundry in a bucket with a washboard.  I was just grateful for my washing machine and dryer.

We all made arrow head necklaces.  You can also grind corn, but we didn't get the chance.

Panning for gold was by far the favorite thing to do.  There was a mountain man who taught the kids about panning for gold, hunting and trapping.  They got to keep the "fools gold" they found.

The Mini-train ride

Leather stamping.  KaeLynn knew about this activity because they had been there, so before we went, we bought leather bracelets for the kids to stamp with the tools and hammer.

The barber convinced Lisa to have a shave too.  Good thing it wasn't a real razor.

The kids were grateful that they didn't have to go to school here.  It doubled as a church.

We ended our day with the splash pad.  It was a hot day and the kids were loving this.  

Homework Burning Party

Time to celebrate school being out with the Earl family homework burning party.  Fire and S'mores.  Two of my favorite things.

This is STILL the Place

We spent the day at This is the Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake.  We have a family pass, but it's not very often that Jeff gets to go with us.  He spends a lot of time working, so these are cherished memories.

Just a Little Fracture

I rolled my ankle while walking around This is the Place Heritage Park.  Had to wear a boot for a couple of weeks.  

Trek Babysitting

While Jason and KaeLynn were on Trek, I watched the kids.  We went to Classic Skating quite a few times, Macey's for ice cream and had  a fashion show with stuffed animals.